There Are Over 350 Species Of Bird.

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There is a wide variety of animal and bird life seen at Samburu National Reserve. Several large game species common to Kenyas northern plains can be found in abundance here, including the following dry-country fauna: gerenuk, Grevys zebra, oryx and reticulated giraffe. All three big cats, Masai lion, Tanzanian cheetah and leopard, can also be found here, as well as elephants, buffalo and hippos.[2] Other mammals frequently seen in the park include olive baboon, warthogs, Grants gazelle, Kirks dik-dik, impala, and waterbuck. Rhinos are no longer present in the park due to heavy poaching. There are over 350 species of bird. These include grey-headed kingfisher, sunbirds, bee-eaters, Marabou stork, tawny eagle, Verreauxs eagle, bateleur, vulturine … Read More Kibale Forest Primate ReserveChimpanzee and Gorilla that flourish here A prime destination for tourists in the 60s.

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